Love Let it Ride?! - All that you should know

Although it’s comparatively a new addition to the wide variety of casino games played world over, more so when viewed against some of the long-standing casino populars like baccarat, blackjack and roulette, Let it Ride Poker made its debut as recently as 1993, and quickly turned into a staple in both brick-and-mortar as well as a large number of online casinos like Bet365 (where you can also earn a handsome Bet365 bonus upon signup).

Let it Ride Poker has been derived from the conventional game of poker. But you play against the house and not the other players seated at the table. The game is pretty easy to learn and play, and you can also earn good returns by using certain basic and advanced Let it Ride Poker strategies.

Our intent is to acquaint you with all that you should know about this game before heading to an off-line or online casino to enjoy it with real money. While playing it is always entertaining if you have the means to visit a land-based casino, the experience can be equally good if you play it in some reputed online casino such as Bet365 (where you can also bag a decent Bet365 bonus after initial sign up). Reputed online casinos will normally allow you to open a practice account with them and use several thousands in free chips to first play and master the game.

History behind Let it Ride Poker
Talking about its age, Let it Ride Poker isn’t a very old game and came into being as recently as 1993. This fact is remarkable considering that other popular casino games like baccarat or roulette have centuries of history behind them. Nevertheless, let’s look into the origins of Let it Ride Poker and improve our knowledge of the game.
It’s a different matter that the game has turned out to be a huge hit among both seasoned and new poker players throughout the world, but it wasn’t originally developed for making players happy! Instead, its purpose was to sell various products. The game was invented by a company known as Shuffle Master or SHFL Entertainment Inc. with the intent of launching their automatic shuffling machines on various casino floors. The company had developed the popular BG-1 shuffler in the year 1992 and despite the technology being a major improvement on the conventional human shuffling, many brick-and-mortar casinos didn’t really buy into the new system. As a result, Shuffle Master had no option but to create a novel game and tied it up with their latest card shuffling technology.
It is out of this effort that the popular casino game ‘Let it Ride Poker’ was born. It made its first appearance on the casino floors of Reno, Nevada, US. Let it Ride Poker became so popular so quickly that it significantly increased the uptake of the shuffling machines, leading to the release of BG 2 and BG 3 versions of the earlier model. However, it took nearly 5 years for these machines to become a mainstay in a good number of Las Vegas casinos.
You can find Let it Ride Poker tables in almost any off-line or online casino of the modern times, including the likes of Bet365 (where you can also earn the popular Bet365 bonus), automatically making the shuffling machines also a commonplace. The huge popularity of Let it Ride Poker and increased acceptance of their shuffling machines didn’t stop Shuffle Master from creating new variations of the game. They introduced ‘Let it Ride Bonus’ poker game, incorporating £ 1 side bets in it. This game pays the player a bonus if his/her first three cards consist of a pair or better.
Many casinos even introduced the progressive jackpot version of Let it Ride Poker, wherein £ 1 side bet could win players a huge stack of money if they got a straight flush or a royal flush. Normally, such games pay around 100% of the amount in the jackpot if you get a royal flush, and 10% of the jackpot amount if you score a straight flush.
Online ‘Let it Ride Poker’ is a fairly new development as the version was introduced by online casinos in the year 2003. The online version of the game allows players to play it from anywhere in the world as long as they have a computer/tablet PC/smart phone and a working Internet connection. InterCasino was the first one to offer Let it Ride Poker online. Thereafter, several big casino companies followed suit and started offering the game on their online platforms. You can either play this game for free (by using your Bet365 bonus if you’re playing at Bet365) or with real money.

How to play ‘Let it Ride Poker’
As also mentioned earlier, you’ll find it fairly easy to learn and play ‘Let it Ride Poker’ if you’re already familiar with the hand rankings of conventional poker. Let it Ride Poker is actually a derivative of five card stud poker.


This is how the game is played:
– To start, every player needs to place three equal bets in front of his/her spot at the table, for example, three equal bets of £ 5 each, making a total of £ 15. These bets are placed in three betting circles marked £, 1 and 2. You must place your betting chips in these designated circles. As specified, all three circles must have an equal number of chips in them.
– Now, the dealer deals three cards to every player in face down position.
– The dealer then deals two face down cards to himself/herself. These two facedown cards are also referred to as community cards as they can be used by every player at the table to form a five card poker hand as the game progresses.
– Once all the players and the dealer have been dealt their cards, the players are allowed to take a look at their cards and figure out if they wish to pull back their first bet (in the circle marked ‘1’) from the table. They need to make that decision based on the strength of their first three cards and the payouts applicable to different poker hands. The player must scrape his/her cards lightly on the poker table to communicate to the dealer that he/she wishes to pull back the first bet. The dealer then returns the first bet to the player.
– In case you’re happy with your first three cards and wish to ‘Let it Ride,’ you communicate your decision by placing your three cards under the betting circle marked ‘1.’
– Once every player has made his/her decision, the dealer exposes first of the two community cards.
– At this point, every player at the table gets to make a similar decision with regard to his/her bet in the circle marked ‘2,’ as was done for betting circle ‘1.’ That entire step is repeated again with respect to the bet placed inside the betting circle ‘2.’ Every player gets the chance of either pulling back that bet or letting it ride.
– Please keep in mind that the decisions of pulling back bet ‘1’ and bet ‘2’ are completely independent of each other. You’re free to pull back bet ‘2’ or let it ride regardless of whether you had allowed or disallowed the bet ‘1’ to ride. Furthermore, once you’ve reached the point of making the decision for bet ‘2,’ you won’t be allowed to alter your earlier decision for bet ‘1.’
– Please also note that you aren’t allowed to make any changes to your third bet, in the circle marked ‘£’ at any point of the game.
– Once all the players have decided about their second bets, the dealer goes ahead and turns over the second community card, bringing it in face up position. The revealing of this card completes the five card poker hand of every player at the table.
– Anyone who has a winning hand, comprising of a pair of 10s or better, wins and is paid for the bets he/she had allowed to ‘let ride.’ You get paid three times if you had allowed all your bets to ride. You get paid two times if you had pulled back only one bet. And you get paid only one times if you had pulled back two bets and just have the ‘£’ bet remaining on the table.
– All players not having winning hands need to forfeit their bets to the dealer.

Following is the ‘Let it ride’ payout structure you’ll find in any major offline or online casino such as Bet365 etc. (On a side note, if you do play ‘Let it Ride’ at Bet365, don’t forget to ask for your Bet365 bonus upon initial sign up!):

Hand Received / Payout Offered
Royal Flush / 1000 to 1
Straight Flush / 200 to 1
Four of a kind / 50 to 1
Full House / 11 to 1
Flush / 8 to 1
Straight / 5 to 1
Three of a kind / 3 to 1
Two pairs / 2 to 1
Pair of 10s or better / 1 to 1

So, if you get a four of a kind in your final five card poker hand, and have all the three £ 5 each bets riding on the table, you’ll receive a total of (£ 5 x 50) x 3 = £ 750 in winnings.
On the other hand, if you had pulled back one of the two bets, your total payout will be (£ 5 x 50) x 2 = £ 500.
Having had pulled back both the bets on the table, leaving just the one in ‘£’ betting circle, would yield you a payout of (£ 5 x 50) x 1 = £ 250.
The goal of the game is to create a hand that has at least a pair of 10s or better in it. Normally, you definitely get paid if you’re able to make that sort of hand.
So, whenever you’re playing ‘Let it Ride Poker’ and you get a pair of tens or higher in your first three cards, it becomes a no-brainer to continue playing. It means that you’re surely going to get paid and must now hope for an even better hand by the time both the dealer’s cards are turned face up.