Love Let it Ride?! - All that you should know

Most Commonly Used Terms

10s or better
You can score a win in Let it Ride Poker if you get a basic hand of a pair of 10s or higher (aces, kings, queens or jacks). Hence, you’d lose if you get a pair of 9 or any other pair from 2 to 8. Any hand that would beat a pair of 10s in poker is also considered a winning hand in ‘Let it Ride Poker,’ for instance, a full house, straight, flush etc.

This is a symbol found on the Let it Ride Poker table, inside a circle, next to the circles marked ‘1’ and ‘2.’ While the ‘1’ and ‘2’ betting circles consist of the first and second bets which can be pulled back, the bet placed in the ‘£’ betting circle can’t be pulled back. This is the 1/3rd component of your bet that must ride regardless of what you do with the other two bets.

Community card
The two cards dealt face down to the dealer are referred to as community cards as they can be used by all players for making their 5 card poker hands.

5 card stud
This is the poker game that Let it Ride Poker was derived from. How it differs from the other poker variants is that you need to make the best hand from only the 5 cards available to you. There are no additional draws. The conventional 5 card stud poker involves dealing of 5 cards to every player at the table.

House edge
Normally expressed in terms of percentage, it reflects the advantage that the casino holds over the player. There is a certain house edge in majority of casino games, barring the full pay video poker versions. The lower the house edge is, the better it is for you. When talking about Let it Ride Poker, the house edge is generally around 3.51%.

John Breeder
He’s the CEO of Shuffle Master Inc, the company which invented ‘Let it Ride Poker.’

Let it die
This is a nickname coined by casino dealers as fewer hands in Let it Ride Poker means that the dealers earn very less in tips.

Let it ride
This term implies that you intend to leave your bet as is on the poker table. Unlike other poker variants, where you get the option of raising your bet, you get the choice of either pulling back your bet or letting it ride in Let it Ride Poker. The player effectively bets one third of the total wagered amount, in two rounds of betting.

This corresponds to the bet placed in ‘S’ betting circle that is non-withdrawable in nature. It can be likened to your initial bet in Blackjack or Poker, which you must anyway pay for playing a hand.

Payout schedule
This refers to the list of payouts applicable in Let it Ride Poker game. The payouts differ based on the hands you get. Let it Ride Poker is a game where a player tries to create a hand of a certain minimum rank, rather than strategising against the other players or dealer at the table. Hence, there is no place for reading bluffs, bluffing or making poker faces in Let it Ride Poker. It’s quite similar to video poker! While you require jacks or better to win in video poker, you need 10s or better in this version of the game.

Pull back
This refers to the act of pulling back your bet on the Let it Ride Poker table. Players receive chances for pulling back 2 of their 3 bets.

Side bet
It’s a separate bet in Let it Ride Poker which has a lower win frequency than standard bets. While there are all sorts of side bets that exist in Let it Ride Poker, pair plus side is the most common one of them.
Furthermore, there’s a secondary pay schedule for side bets in Let it Ride Poker. Although you can win the main bet with a pair of 10s or higher, you can get bigger payouts if you get a better hand with a side bet on.

Shuffle Master Inc.
It’s the company that invented Let it Ride Poker and owns the trademark of the game. Their main intent of creating this game was to market their shuffling machines, and later to attract new gamblers. The slow pace of Let it Ride Poker makes it a huge favourite among people who like playing in a relaxed manner in casinos.