Love Let it Ride?! - All that you should know

Let it Ride Poker Odds

Provided that you use the correct strategy, the house edge in case of Let it Ride Poker is around 3.51% of the third, final and non-withdrawable wager placed in the ‘£’ betting section. You can take into account the odds and payouts for Let it Ride Poker to arrive at this normal house edge.

In majority of off-line and online casinos, the game is played using a regular 52 card deck, hence the odds remain static, implying that they never change. However, the kind of Let it Ride tables and their payout structures may change from place to place.

It’s a common observation that a large majority of Let it Ride Poker players allow their first and second bets to ride, giving an impression that they have no knowledge of the probabilities of certain hands.

Let’s go over the Let it Ride Poker odds so that we have a proper framework which can be used for making better Let it Ride betting decisions. Let’s also describe an ideal online casino environment which may be best suited for calculating ‘Let it Ride’ odds and practicing your strategy.

Let it Ride Poker odds when using a normal strategy

We’ll not delve into the probabilities of forming winning hands using one community card here. Rather, we’ll presume that you’re playing as per the basic Let it Ride Poker strategy and provide you with the odds of achieving winning hands using both the community cards.

A winning hand in Let it Ride Poker is any hand that consists of a pair of tens or better. It may include:
Royal flush: Having odds of 1 in 679,740
Straight flush: Having odds of 1 in 4165
Full house: Having odds of 1 in 694
Flash: Having odds of 1 in 509
Straight: Having odds of 1 in 255
Three of a kind: Having odds of 1 in 47
Two pairs: Having odds of 1 in 21

As is evident from above, the odds are pretty solidly stacked against you when it comes to scoring hands like royal flushes, straights, four of a kinds, full houses, flushes and straights. Comparatively, the odds of getting pairs of tens or better pairs are 1 in 6.

You can compare all the above detailed odds with the different Let it Ride Poker tables offered at various off-line and online casinos, and determine the house edge in every case. As also mentioned earlier, on average, this house edge can be reduced to 3.51% provided you use the most optimum Let it Ride Poker strategy.

Where can you test the Let it Ride Poker odds and your strategies?

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All in all, ‘Let it Ride Poker’ is a highly interesting game and your chances of winning are pretty high if you have a good understanding of poker in general.