Love Let it Ride?! - All that you should know

About Progressive Let it Ride

Let it Ride Poker is a popular casino card game that’s based on the same card ranks that are used in poker. Every player is dealt 3 cards, which he/she uses along with the 2 community cards to form his / her best possible 5 card hand. The game was invented and trademarked by Shuffle Master, a popular card shuffling machine manufacturer, in the year 1995. Its original purpose was to help market the company’s shuffling machines.

General Let it Ride Poker Progressive Jackpots
The progressive version of Let it Ride Poker uses side bets for giving players an added chance of scoring huge jackpots. The players need to bet £ 1 as a side bet for activating this opportunity.
You get a payout on account of the side bet whenever you get either of the following 5 hands: royal flush, straight flush, 4 of a kind, full house or a flush.
While, a flush, full house and 4 of a kind may get you fixed payouts of around £ 75, £ 100 and £ 500 respectively, a straight flush would earn you 10% of the amount in the progressive jackpot. If you’re lucky enough and land up with a royal flush, you’d get 100% of the amount in the progressive jackpot. The progressive jackpot bloats up by a little every time a side bet is placed and no royal flush or straight flush is scored.

Carousal Progressive ‘Let it Ride Poker’ Jackpots
The progressive jackpots in Let it Ride Poker normally increase at varying speeds, depending on the number of machines that feed a particular jackpot. The jackpot is referred to as a carousal progressive jackpot if many similar progressive Let it Ride Poker games feed the jackpot in a particular casino. As a carousal or bank of machines continuously feed the jackpot prize until either of them hits, the jackpot continuously rises at a respectable and steady rate.

Networked progressive ‘Let it Ride Poker’ jackpot
The networked progressive ‘Let it Ride Poker’ games are linked to each other over a wide area network, going far beyond the boundaries of a single brick and mortar casino, or one ‘Let it Ride Poker’ game being played in an online casino. Such network of many linked Let it Ride Poker games significantly increases the number of games contributing to the jackpot prize amount, and hence the jackpot amount increases at a much faster pace. Any time you visit an off-line or an online casino and witness this kind of ‘Let it Ride Poker’ game, you must ensure that you play it and place your progressive bet.
Please always remember that the house edge in case of side bets is almost always higher compared to the standard Let it Ride Poker games. Regardless of whether you’re playing Blackjack, Caribbean Stud poker or Let it Ride Poker, you actually pay in terms of odds to get a crack at the huge jackpot. It means that you must play patiently as you’d naturally experience longer losing streaks.

Please be warned
Although the idea of hitting jackpot may sound very exciting, these progressive bets are known to be a sucker in the new age gambling industry! As it’s based on progressive jackpot, the house edge keeps fluctuating. Hence, the house edge may be around 60% if the jackpot is presently only around £ 10,000. On the other hand, it may drop to 34% if the jackpot becomes £ 100,000. Furthermore, the house edge may stay around 5% or more (than on main bets) when the jackpot increases to £ 200,000.